Reviving Parched Indoor Plants

Reviving Parched Indoor Plants

Dried out plants can become distressed and look to be in terminal decline through lack of water. They may wilt and the leaves drop off or go crispy.

Tips to Revive Dried Out Plants.

  • Getting water to the roots of the plant will provide a chance of reversing the dehydration.
  • It may pay to loosen the soil at the top of the pot so the water can permeate to the roots.
  • Soak the pot in a bucket of water up to the rim of the pot. Leave it to soak through, it will take longer on a large pot.
  • If the plant is really parched spray the leaves with tepid water.
  • Place a saucer under the plant to catch excess water. I use ‘clay granules in the saucer to help create humidity.
  • It may need drastic surgery on badly dried up stems and leaves. A little judicious pruning may relieve the need for the plant to repair all the damage at once.

Other Related Care Issues

  • Move plants away from fierce sunshine. Keep them away from windows or with some shade while they recover.
  • Do not leave plants in a draft which leeches moisture from your plant.
  • Pots that are full of roots are hard tpo water – where can the moisture be retained  if the roots are in the way. Repot into a bigger pot with fresh soil.
  • Take cuttings to rejuvenate a plant and be satisfied with a smaller offspring for a while.
  • Put grit or a inorganic mulch on the top of your pot.
  • Always consider the type of plant and the sort of watering regime needed. Both these African violets and Orchids need great care and to be allowed to drain after watering.
  • Some plants die and there will be nothing much you can do but try again.

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