Primula Family – Selected Photographs

skipton 021

Wild flowers including the Cowslip and Oxlip are both part of the large Primula family P. dioram and P. elatior respectively. The Primrose both wild and cultivated is also one of the 450 or so Primulacea.

spring 034

After viewing these pictures of Primroses look at the other relatives including Primula deticula and Harlow Carr hybrids.


Auriculas have featured recently on gardeners tips.

HC & York 036

Primulas are suitable for pot work and there are some very small alpine varieties like the P. allianii below.

Primula allianii Joan Hughes
Small Primulas are good for alpine houses and garden pictures.

Kirklands primula

Pictures of Polyanthus in the garden another part of the Primula family.

Primula Bulleesiana

A damp loving Primula Bulleesiana picture.

spring 021

Primula allionii

Growing in a Tufa rock in a rock garden.

Primula Cabrillo as a potted plant

Bright Yellow and scented Primula Cabrillo.

Primula mass

Public garden pictures.

primula marginata

Leaf formats make this picture.

Primula denticula

Drumstick Primula denticula.

Primula aureata nepal

Tiers of Candelabra Primulas

Tiers of Candelabra Primulas pictured in damp garden location.

Primula Kewensis

More Primula seeds from Thompson & Morgan


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