Perennials for The Seaside

Perennials for The Seaside


Perennials that tolerate coastal conditions are hardened to a salt ladened atmosphere and blustery wind. It is still prudent to place delicate specimens in some shelter from the worst of the conditions. Perhaps that is why so many successful seaside perennials are mat or carpet forming plants.

Perennials for The Seaside

  • Erigeron glacus is not called the Seaside Aster for no reason. Hunt out these clump forming daisy plants such as variety Elstead Pink.
  • Knipfolia or Red-Hot Poker Royal Standard form clumps of sword like leaves and spikes of flower red turning to yellow. They do not like freezing winter conditions so cover the crowns if the plants are in the north of the UK.
  • Osteospermum jucundum are another daisy that is covered in cerise flowers during a seaside summer.
  • Centranthus ruber or Red Valerian is like a weed in my garden but the flowers are long lasting
  • Anthemeis is a reliable daisy flowering cream to yellow above silver grey foliage.

Red Hot Poker

Ground Carpeting Perennials for The Seaside

  • Armeria maritima Thrift or the Seapink
  • Carpobrotus edulis is an easy-to-grow succulent for seaside groundcover.
  • Eriogonum umbellatum is a herb also known as the sulphur flower.


Other Perennials Tolerant of Coastal Exposure

  • Agapanthus ASfrican lily
  • Allium christophii
  • Centaurea cineraria
  • Eriginum various species
  • Oenthera odorata
  • Phormium cookianum

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