Pelargoniums in January

Indoor flowering all year round can be organised with the right pelargoniums.


Pelargonium more often called Geranium Something Special – from Fir Trees nursery

Throughout January  this Pelargonium has been in constant pink flower on my desk.  Each of 14 pips or mini buds opens to a 5 petal flower in a bunch of florets to make up the overall flower head. Three or four are in colour at any one time.
I left the plant too cold and dry and some leaves went a dark red but normally the leaves are a clear green. Some pelargonium leaves, called zonals, are banded and have good colour schemes. Betty Shellard for example has tri-coloured golden leaves.

For cuttings I know it is the wrong time but I had a leggy Blackdown Sensation, which has large cerise blooms.  I wanted to knock it into shape so I have taken various cuttings. I have got out my seed propogator for the seed sowing rush that will begin shortly but in the meantime I have put the pelargonium cuttings in the box. I will let you know my success rate  but working on the basis all plants want to survive I remain hopeful. If all else fails I have the stock plant, all be it a lot shorter after its haircut.

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