New Oriental Poppies

New Oriental Poppies

Opium Poppy

New Oriental Poppies are being bred to satisfy the gardeners demand for more and easier to grow plants from this flamboyant species.
Some outstanding new hybrid Oriental Poppy varieties were on show at Chelsea in 2011. see below.
The flowers are huge and brightly coloured with velvety fringed and frilled petals.
They are fully double with bold markings and designs.

Information on Ruffled Oriental Poppies

  • These hybrid Poppies bloom in May and June each year on vigourous plants up to 3 feet tall.
  • Plant them in groups of 3 or 5 and in the perennial border.
  • They are plants that are fully hardy and can last for a lifetime.
  • Oriental Poppies do well in the sun or light shade in well-drained soil.
  • The new generation of Oriental Poppies have shorter flowering stems that over come the wind swept images of the past. Plant 12-15 inches part.
  • Oriental poppies are at there best upto July after which they retreat and can be cut back.
  • To fill the gap created by this disappearance use companion planting with annuals such as Baby’s Breath or Dahlias, or Asiatic Lilies.
  • For use as cut flowers cut in early morning when the buds are just unfolding. Sear the stem’s cut end with a flame.
  • You can acquire or just admire plants as part of a collection

New Varieties of Oriental Poppy to Select

  • White Ruffles is a low growing variety 16″ high. The flowers are white with a dark base and the petals are serrated to look frilly.
  • Ruffled Patty related to Patty’s Plum, has large round lilac flowers streaked with red at the base. It grows a foot higher than White Ruffles.
  • Pink Ruffles is semi double and opens wide to display black stamen.
  • Traditional favourites include Brilliant, Picotee, Prince of Orange, Raspberry Queen, Royal Chocolate Distinction, Royal Wedding and T├╝rkenlouis Oriental Poppies.


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