Monarda or Bee Balm Cultivars

Monarda or Bee Balm Cultivars

Monarda enmass

Monardia Harlow Carr

I have not grown Monarda or Bergamot as an annual or a perennial. This large bed of perennial Monarda hybrid ‘Gardenview Scarlet’ was very showy and looked exceptionally good in a sunny well mulched site.

Some plants attain a status of the must have plants or flowers of the moment, (do you remember when no one grew Verbena Bonariensis). If this Monarda isn’t already in great demand (and I have missed the boat) then it is destined to be in future. The tufty red tops on the flowers are a strong red colour and grew 2-3 foot tall.

As a suffix Ardia can mean ‘continuous quality’ (on its own it means ‘Sheep’ in Basque.) I guess the former definition is why Gallardia and Monardia are so named but then again….

Monarda Description

    • ‘Monarda astromontana Bees’ Favourite’ has masses of flower spikes bearing tiers of soft mauve flowers are produced by this quick and easy to grow border plant.
    • It flowers easily in its first season from an early sowing, producing a bold display of flowers over a long period.
    • Exceptional for its unusually shaped flowers on strong square stems and the rich minty fragrance, which is freely released when the plant is brushed.
    • Compact upright habit and makes a very neat and tidy plant which will add structure and shape to the border, particularly if planted in groups of three.
    • Excellent for cutting and beloved by bees.

Cultivation Requirements

      • One of the easiest perennials to cultivate.
      • Happy in sun or light shade and any ordinary garden soil, although they prefer a rich moisture retentive soil which doesn’t dry out in the summer.
      • The mat like roots soon form a large clump that needs dividing every couple of years.
      • In dry soils they don’t grow quite so tall.
      • deadhead for a second flush of flowers
      • Powdery mildew may be a problem, spray with fungicide when the plant is young

RHS  Selection

        • Monarda Beauty of Cobham AGM – arching pale pink blooms.
        • Monarda Garden View Scarlet as below also has an AGM
        • Monarda Schneewittchen white framed with a ruff of green bracts.
        • Other Monarda to mconsider; Jacob Cline deep red bracts and dark foliage, Croftway Pink taller variety 4′, Violet Queen with violet flowers and purple tinged foliage.

Monarda seeds as described above from Thompson and Morgan

Monarda Gardenview Scarlet

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