Lawns in Spring


Tips for Sowing a new Lawn

  • Mid Spring is a good time to sow a new lawn. The soil is warming up and light showers should help germination.
  • If it is too dry you will need to water the seedlings with a fine spray – do not be tempted to drown the seed.
  • Select an appropriate seed mixture. They are available for a range of lawns from bowling green, prize lawn, back garden, shaded lawn etc.  Shake the box of seed as some mixtures settle and separate out.
  • Sow at the rate of 1-1.5 oz (35 gms) per square yard and eventually cut the grass to half an inch
  • Prepare the ground thoroughly, remove perennial weeds and stones. Compact and level then rake to a fine tilth, Sow when the top is dry but the ground is still holding moisture.
  • Measure out a square yard at a time and spread evenly then try maintain a similar density across the whole area sown. Cast seed horizontally and vertically to avoid patched.
  • Rake very gently once sown to cover the seed. If troubled by birds get a cat if trouble by cats get netting or string across the new area.
  • If just reseeding a patch scratch the bare area incorporate some multi-purpose compost and sow at half the quantity.

Seed Mixes

There are various combinations of seed that make up a lawn. A fine mixture could be 45% Dwarf amenity perennial ryegrass
10% Smooth stalked Meadow Grass
15% Slender creeping red fescue
25% Chewings fescue
5% Brown top bent
A more rugged lawn for the Kids to play on might be 45% Perennial rye grass
30% Creeping red fescue
20% Chewings fescue
5% Brown top bent
Use a good seed merchant for your best lawn grass.

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