Winter Garden Tips

Winter Garden Tips


You can start your  gardening on New Years Day or as soon as your hangover is cured. Do not have too many resolutions or you won’t keep any of them. I find it is a good idea to know roughly what you want to achieve in the year without being too specific as to how. For my part I have decided to have more soft fruit and ‘Shock and Awe’ type garden features.

Steps for January


  • Prune apple trees and thin out the fruiting spurs. In my case buy cordons or ballerina trees.
  • Cut out any dead or diseased wood and spray trees with winter tar oil wash to deter insects. Leave the plums till later.
  • Remove any big buds on black currant bushes.
  • Cover a rhubarb crown with a forcer to get early, thin, pink stems.
  • Plant any new trees or shrubs – I want a dessert gooseberry
  • Tie up raspberry canes and check for loose ties on trees and wall trained fruit.


  • Order any seeds from a reputable supplier and sprout potatoes in a box with the rounded rose end upper most
  • Sow some broad beans when it is mild
  • Lime the vegetable patch that grew brassicas last year. Do not lime your potato patch.
  • Plan where crop rotation is going to be.

Flowers and Shrubs

  • Tidy the borders and plant lilies and Antirrhinums
  • Ventilate your cold frame
  • Check frost protection for new young shrubs
  • Spray roses and the surrounding ground against black spot and mulch Rhododendrons


  • Service the lawn mower ready for spring
  • Keep clear of dead leaves Rake mossy areas

Greenhouse and Indoor Plants

  • Clean staging and fumigate the greenhouse
  • Take cuttings of late flowering chrysanthemums
  • Keep houseplants on the dry side in the best light
  • Pick sprays of Daphne & forsythia to flower indoors


  • Don’t rush into doing anything too early but be prepared for your busy period
  • Do any construction work except concreting during a frost
  • Sow leeks and onions in boxes and even some lettuce and peppers in the warmth.
  • Look closely around your garden there will be treasures to uncover. Hellebore niger, Winter Jasmin and Witch Hazel (above) are all flowering

February Tips


Garden Tasks for February

  • Finish Planting trees and shrubs. The earlier trees and shrubs can be planted the better
  • Prepare Soil. If the soil is not frozen it is a good time to prepare the soil through digging where necessary.
  • Finish Pruning of Roses or other shrubs
  • Towards the end of February, you can start dahlia tubers and similar tubers such gloxina and Begonias indoors.

Vegetable Garden in February

  • Sow early crops under glass. Early vegetables can included mustard, cress, parsnips, broad beans and lettuce.
  • Towards end of the month you can start thinning out seedlings
  • Prune Autumn fruiting Raspberries. Autumn producing raspberries want to be cut back to 6 inches as they fruit on new growth.


A bed of crocus

Things to Enjoy in the February Garden

  • Early bulbs – snowdrops, crocus, early daffodills.
  • Early primulas –
  • Early pansies
  • Camellia Japonica
  • Daphne


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