Variegated Dragon Plants – Dracaena

Many house plants have leaves of green and cream or white combinations but a red edge to the leaves of Dracaena marginata tricolour makes it stand out.  This plant is also called variegated silhouette plant and is one of the family of Dragon plants.

Hints and Tips on growing Dragon Plants

  • These slender pointed leaves have attractive dark and lighter colours edged red running along the length of the leaves.
  • Do not feed in winter and only modest fertilizer is needed next spring or summer.
  • Keep the soil on the dry side and do not leave the plant roots in water
  • Remove the growing tip to encourage branching once the plant is 18 inches tall
  • Dracaena is a fine family of house plants  liking temperatures of 15-22°C such as

Dracaena Varieties
Dracaena deremensis the stripped leaved plant prone to shed lower leaves. The pointed leaves can be 2 foot long with dark green outers and glisteing white or yellow centres.

Dracaena fragrans or Corn Palm likes a bit more moisture. Try ‘Victoria’ or ‘Massangeana’ varieties.

Dracaena godseffiana  ‘Florida Beauty’ unlike other dracaena has rounded leaves with yellow foliage. As  lower spreading plant you can use a shallower pot with well drained soil.

Dracaena terminalis ‘Firebrand’ is called the Flaming Dragon Tree. Goodlight without direct sun and very free draining compost are needed to get the best red spear shaped leaves.

Dracaena saneriana is sold as Lucky bamboo with twisted stalks or stems with a few leaves at the top

5 Dragon tree species exist including Dracaena Draco the Canary Island Dragon tree.

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