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Indoor plants that are in full flower in January include the strongly coloured Primula Obconica shown above. They look good in traditional blues, pinks and white with the new Twilly series including a strong red. There are plenty of long lasting blooms particularly if you pick off dead flowers. The hairs on the back of leaves can be an irritant so take care if you have sensitive skin, the plant is also known as Poison Primrose.

Plants at garden centers may have been grown specifically for a quick show of colour that makes them saleable and decorative as indoor plants. They are probably not frost free or very hardy.
Primula 011

Primula Obconica

  • Unlike other Primula obconica varieties, Twilly Touch Me is primine free, so causes no skin irritation.
  • Grown from seed give them dark to germinate. They flower the following spring/summer in the cool greenhouse or as a houseplant.
  • Primula obconica produce a dozen different colours of flowers.
  • The flowers last for several weeks if spent flowers are deadheaded regularly.
  • Do not let the plants dry out and the leaves become floppy.

Thompson & Morgan search for seeds and plants
Other species of Indoor Primulas include Primula malacoides and Primula sinensis the Chinese Primrose

Primula 003
Showing the soft fleshy leaves of ‘Twill Touch Me Series’ of Indoor Primula obconica. The Primula stem holds the flowers proud of the leaves.

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  1. Timothy Edwards January 28, 2011 at 16.03 #

    Dear Sir,
    I have seed for Obconica and Malacoides and intend to sow in March or a little earlier.However I understand these will not flower until 2012.Is this correct?.In the mean time I would like to buy some plug plants or similar that will flower in a cold green house this year.Can you tell me where I can buy such plants
    Thank you in anticipation.
    Yours Sincerely Tim Edwards.

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