Flower Arranging – Phormium

Flower Arranging – Phormium

Encyclopaedia of Flower Arranging Techniques: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Traditional And Contemporary Techniques by Marcia Hirst

Growing Phormium for Flower Arrangements

  • Phormium or New Zealand Flax is an evergreen, clump forming, hardy perennial.
  • The long strap shaped leaves contain fiber that makes a cord used for tying.
  • In winter it is wise to protect plants with a deep mulch of straw, bracken or dry leaves.
  • Phormium Cookianum can have 4 feet long leaves, Variegatum are green with creamy white margins.
  • Phormium Cookianum Triclour leaves are red, yellow and green.
  • Phormium tenax is the other popular hybrid with a variety of leaf colours including pink and bronze, orange-red, salmon, yellow and other shades.

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Special Tips for Flower Arranging with Phormium

  • Cut a few leaves to include in your arrangement.
  • Modern or European style arrangements with limited amounts of flowers and foliage show the leaves off to best advantage.
  • Condition by plunging into a deep bucket of tepid water for 24 hours.
  • The leaves can be sprayed with leaf shine or smeared with a small amount of cooking oil to enhance the appearance.
  • Phormium have a long vase life of several weeks if the water is changed regularly.

A full array of books on Flower Arranging and related subjects is available from Amazon. You will find more advice and artistic inspiration amongst this selection.
I would also recommend the Harrogate spring flower show where I am always stunned by the floral arrangement amongst the plants on display.

To grow a generic mix of flowers for arrangements and bouquets check out Thompson & Morgan

Architectural Phormium
Low Allergy Garden Phormium
Architectural Phormium

Turn your arrangements into botanical works of art – here are some examples and clubs you could join.

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