Florists for Gardeners

Florists for Gardeners


Florists are Great

  • Florists have knowledge and skill when it comes to conditioning cut flowers to prolong shelf and display life.
  • They have methods of keeping displays watered and fresh including the bag of water or the buttonhole test-tube.
  • Out of season flowers can be imported by floristry suppliers and we can even get southern hemisphere plants in our winter.
  • Good florists display bunches and bouquets of flowers and foliage to artistic advantage.
  • A wide range of floral material is part of a florists stock, when a garden may only have a few species ripe for picking.
  • Florists produce the wreaths and family occasion flowers when gardeners are too busy or otherwise occupied.

Gardeners and Florists Together

  • Gardeners are best if QBE (qualified by experience). Florists can opt to train at a college, either full or part time or on the job.
  • Florists want long flower stems and long life of 3 weeks in shop/vase. Gardeners want insect and disease resistance, variety of colors, and fragrances plus a pleasing growth habit.
  • One good plant probably equates to the cost of a good bunch of flowers. I know which I prefer.
  • Florists are unlikely to be a retail outlet for the produce from a garden. You would need to have a specialism and be able to supply over a long period not just when your crop gluts.
  • I am less happy about the florists trend to supply potted plants but that is one area where the allotment gardener could form a trading relationship with the local florist.

Floristry Qualifications

Tips for Selling to Florists

“Consistency is important. Some growers have been disorganized. They want the money up front. This can be a problem in dealing with larger businesses that prefer to send checks once or twice a month.

Bunch properly (check wholesale guidelines). Usually bunches are 10 stems. Bunches should be of consistent quality. Growers who come in with a bucket full of stems in different lengths and quality won’t make a good impression.

Don’t just show up. A lot of local people wait too long to contact the florist. “Someone will just show up with a trunk full of pussy willows, and I’ve already ordered them. Don’t just show up. Call and ask if we’re interested. Have a sample.” And let them know when a product is close to harvest.” source Rodale Institute

Turn your floristry purchases into botanical works of art – here are some examples and clubs you could join.

See flowers as a business

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