Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy

I will enjoy these Honesty plants three times over. Honesty also called Lunaria annua, Money plant or in America, Silver dollar plants are bi annuals grown from seed in one year to flower in the next.

  1. These leaves have attracted a heavy covering of frost but they will come through even in a hard winter to grow away strongly next spring. They are a bit prone to mildew next autumn but for now they provide shape and texture in a natural part of the garden.
  2. In spring the grey -green plants will branch and produce a profusion of lightly scented, single, small purple flowers. There is also a white variety great for cottage gardens.
  3. The reason these plants are famous and one reason for there names is the seed heads. A coin sized translucent papery seed head is uncovered as the seeds are self sown by the plant in late summer. These multiple seed heads are very popular as dried flowers and in flower arranging and look eerie in a dark corner of the garden through winter.


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