Heuchera Uses, Facts and Varieties

Heuchera Uses, Facts and Varieties

I am hoping for some coloured Heucheras for Fathers day later this month – well hope is free!

Uses of Heuchera

  • Heuchera are commonly used as specimen plants or in small groups of the same variety.
  • They are at home in woodland gardens, rock gardens or as groundcover.
  • Heuchera are useful in patio pots or as components in mixed containers. They are often used at this time of year for winter containers
  • Flower panicles make fine additions to cut flower arrangements.
  • Heuchera attracts butterflies.
  • Heuchera consists of over 50 species and there are many new varieties so you could make a study and collection of these interesting plants.

Facts about Heuchera

  • Heucheras are evergreen or normally retain some leaves through winter
  • To get the best leaf coloration, plant so your Heucheras get  partial afternoon shade. Purple leafed cultivars can tolerate more direct sun, conversely, the yellow, amber and gold leafed cultivars are less tolerant of sun
  • Heuchera was named after an 18th century German botanist Johann Heinrich von Heucher (1677-1747). The common name ‘coral bells’ is derived from the nodding, bell-shaped flowers on swaying stems.

Coloured Varieties

  • Many of the named varieties give a strong hint as to colour. Lime Rickey & Citronella, Caramel & Mahogany, Peach Flambe & Marmalade make interesting pairings.
  • Heuchera

  • Miracle has a yellow picotee edge on a red leaf and Rave on made me think of Buddy Holly (the friendly but  prickly rock singer)
  • Heuchera ‘Mint Frost’ turns pale mint green and aluminium (sheeny silver) when growing well and is a good contrast used next to stronger colours.
  • In  RHS Trials, the Tigrella Heuchera cross called  Heucherella ‘Kimono’ with silver-purple and green, maple-shaped foliage and tawny flowers received an AGM.

Gardening is a bit about DIY and fathers day didn’t produce the plant I wanted so I will try grow my own.


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