Candelabra Primula Bulleesiana & Hybrids

Flowers in May

Primula x bulleesiana is being recognised as one of the great Primulas to grow in your garden. These Candelabra Primulas are great plants that originate from China and the Himalaya. They are ideal for woodland, damp or even extremely wet places.

Description of Candelabra Primula Bulleesiana

  • Candelabra Primulas make clumps of strong oblong shaped leaves often persisting through the winter .
  • They send up their tall stems on which there are whorls of ten flowers, each ring opening in succession, perhaps one every five or six days.
  • There can be up to six or seven whorls that gives a long flowering period.
  • There is a mass of colour from brilliant orange or yellow, red, pink, white, even dark maroon.
  • There is a powdery white ‘farina’ or white meal on the stems and leaves.
  • Plants can grow and flower 24″ tall.

Flowers in May

Simple Primula Tips

The best book currently available is Primula by John Richards

Book Cover

  • Candelabra Primulas or Bulleesiana are easy to grow from seed that can be bought from RHS shops. Many primulas do not come true to seed.
  • From Harlow Carr hybrids you get a range of pastel colours which themselves self seed.
  • They like damp roots and these particular primulas were growing on the banks of a stream
  • Candelabra primulas get there name from the whorls  of flowers blossoming in a tiered effect part way up the stem as well as at the top.
  • There are over 350 species of Primula and they would  make an excellent subject for building a collection.
  • Primulas can be divided if you want a  plant true to type
Primulas at Harlow Carr

Primulas at Harlow Carr

This photo was taken during summer  at RHS Harlow Carr in Yorkshire. The garden is renown for its variety of Candelabra Primula Hybrids.

Growing Primula

  • Candelabra Primulas prefer partial shade and can only be grown in a sunny position if the soil is always moist.
  • Plants grow best in deep, peaty soil or any soil rich in well rotted organic matter.
  • Primulas prefer winter and spring light values that are weaker than in high summer
  • A hybrid between Primula bulleyana and Primula beesiana flowers in varying cerise shades

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  1. Planters June 21, 2011 at 16.03 #

    Beautiful flowers! Thanks for this post, there’s a lot of useful information here, but I like it particularly as often you find posts about what to plant for the summer, but winter and early spring gardening is sometimes neglected – and doesn’t often consist of such bright, attractive flowers as these. Glad I found this!

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