Growing Scilla mischtschenkoana or Squills

More spring bulbs to try on for size.

Scilla mischtschenkoana
Scilla commonly know as Squills are a group of bulbs for outdoor and Alpine house growing. The ice-blue flowers of Scilla mischtschenkoana open out almost flat, first appear in February and continue well into March. Sunshine and a well-drained soil will make them at home in a bed or in thin grass.

Other members of the family include

  • Scilla bifolia -one of the earliest bulbs to flower, often with the snowdrops. It has a raceme of small, intense blue starry flowers.
  • Scilla sibirica ‘Spring Beauty’ is taller and has nodding flowers of intense royal blue during March or April.
  • Scilla peruviana has large heads of deep violet-blue flowers with strap like leaves.
  • Scilla lilio-hyacinthus. prefers woodland habitats with broad, fleshy leaves and pyramidal heads of sky-blue excelling in a cool, humus rich soil.
  • Scillia bifolia

    Scilla bifolia above and Scilla mischtschenkoana growing outdoors in a gravel bed below

Scilla mischtschenkoana

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