Growing Cacti

Growing Cacti

Cacti come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with differing textures and flowers. Desert cacti are usually covered in spines and jungle or rainforest cacti are often without spines.

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Tips for Growing  Cacti

  • Getting the watering right is the key issue. All plants need regular water during their growing period in spring and summer.
  • I water weekly in spring and early summer cutting down drastically by autumn leaving winter almost watering free.  Provide a weak fertiliser solution in spring and early summer.
  • Good drainage is as important as watering. Most succulent prefer a free draining sandy or gritty soil. Do not stand in water.
  • Keep most varieties free of frost.
  • Plants can be grown from seed and many root well from cuttings or grafting.
  • Cacti are trouble free but like adequate light, warmth and ventilation in order to thrive.

Repotting Cacti

  • Cacti should be repotted as soon as roots show through the bottom of the pot.
  • Repot in the spring every 2-3 years for fast growing plants.
  • Water 2 days before repotting so the roots are moist but no saturated.
  • Remove from the pot and discard top dressing and any dead or damaged roots.
  • Increase the pot size only marginally and add slictly acidic compost.
  • Plant at the original depth and trickle a thin layer of grit on the surface which will help water drain quickly.


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