Green Vista From Combining Plants

Green Vista From Combining Plants

Your garden will have viewing points from which you can see a vista. This green vista has scale and impact but you can create your own combination with just a few well chosen plants.

Plants in this Display

  • The woods form a back drop to this view and include some old Rhododendrons and various deciduous trees.
  • Drawing the eye to the centre is an Acer palmatum with purple-green leaves and a strong geometric shape.
  • To the left is a lime green conifer that could be Taxus baccata an upright Yew.
  • Immediately in front of the Acer are a collection of acid loving acid yellow Ferns.
  • The strong leaf shape of the Rheums are in the fore ground.
  • At the front are flowered Primulas of the Candelabra variety and a collection of grass like Iris.
  • Other plants fill up the space so that in the middle of August there is no bare soil showing.

Selecting Your Vista

  • For your backdrop use trees or shrubs to screen out ugly areas.
  • Vary the shapes of trees, shrubs and plants.
  • Green has more shades than any other colour from bottle green to lime, blue-green and purple-green to yellow-green and so on. This provides opportunity to select contrasting or complementary shades.
  • Shape and texture can play an important part in providing the eye with something to consider after the initial view has been taken into account.
  • Construct your layout like an artwork. Split the view into thirds vertically and horizontally and aim for interest at the intersections.
  • Circular and triangular impressions work well be keeping the eye moving but holding it on the main view.

Rheums are not just Rhubarb

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