Glove Plants – Puppet or Muppet?


Some fun photos that appeal to my sense of humour. These are the famous ‘Glove Flowers’ yes you guessed it they are Marigolds. African Marigolds to be accurate with flower heads 4″ across.

If you were thinking of prickly plants that need gloves I am sorry no one Rose to the occasion.


Foxes do not were gloves and I do not know how they got their name but this healthy Foxglove has distinctive spots on the white tubular flowers.

Yellow Foxglove

I am trying to remember the name of this perennial Foxglove species. The flowers are smaller than other foxgloves but the plant has been a reliable ‘doer’ for me for many years.
They are not called ladies Fingers that is the vegetable Okra.
That gave me time to remember that Digitalis lutea is the 3 feet high foxglove that flowers creamy yellow on one side of the stem.

Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris

Back to the rubber gloves of Marigold fame. This time they are Marsh Marigolds but as tempest fugit and time marshes on that is all for today (thank goodness ed). As the name implies these little rascals love water but try to do it without unzipping your pants.

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