Gladioli 100 Day Display

Gladioli 100 Day Display


Gladioli are reliable flowers for the show bench or the flower vase. Timing is important for the exhibitionist as they want to have the flowers in peak perfection just at the right time.

Timing can be important for the local grower as well. If you want Gladioli for a particular event, birthday or wedding celebration, then it is useful to know that corms planted now will be in flower in 100 days. That is just over 3 months so by the middle of August you can expect displays like these from a may planting.


Gladioli Pointers

  • Gladioli have a front and back to the flower with the florets facing the sun. It helps the flower arranger but can frustrate the gardener.
  • Gladioli will twist the flowering stem unless they are supported so it is worth staking your blooms.
  • Leaves are needed to help feed the new corms for next year so leave them on the plant after cutting the flower.
  • Unless you are a keen breeder remove flowers before seed sets to preserve energy. You may get small offsets, cormels, spawn or bulblets to grow on and bulk up next year.
  • Gladioli need lots of water to flower well. Apply tomato fertiliser when flower buds start to appear.
  • I grow blocks of single colours together so they will be ready together.
  • Sorry to disappoint but the flowers will not last 100 days that is planting to blooming time
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