Growing Gazania ‘cos they goes in here


These flowers goes-in-‘ere

Gazania are one of the most colourful of garden flowers. The star shaped daisy like flowers can be up to 3 inches across and are available in a range of colours as this photo shows.
The flowers of most varieties are stripped and zoned. As in this photo they display their vibrant colours even in cloudy conditions but prefer the hot sun.


Gardeners Tips on Gazania

  • Whilst Gazinia are perennial they are best grown as half-hardy annuals.
  • I have just bought in February a pot of kinder plants Gazinia Daybreak Tiger Stripe Mixed’. These were in a 3 inch pot of seedlings ready to prick out as I have done yielding 49 good seedlings that I am now growing on. With a packet of seeds for the same money I would not have got as many plants germinating and developing so wellgazinia1
  • Plant in free draining soil, they flower best in full sun.
  • Suitable for growing in a container. They are low growing flowering at 10 inches.
  • The Gazinia uniflora are all yellow flowers. Some leaves have a grey dusty appearance
  • Take a close look at the interesting lance shaped dusty grey leaves
  • The ‘Talent’ series has an AGM


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