Flower Arranging Dahlias

Flower Arranging Dahlias


Not Dahlias again you may say but this is ‘The First Amongst Sequels’ or more photographs from my summer selection. Dahlias are a great cut flower for arranging and displaying and there is no better flower for continious cutting.

Dahlia Flower Arranging Tips

  • Pompom or decorative types are the best for flower arrangers as the large headed Dinner-plate types are so difficult to arrange.
  • Dahlias like a little sugar in the water and an aspirin discourages the formation of green algae
  • Put stems in a little boiling water and then give them a long drink.
  • Pick flowers when they have opened, tight buds will not give of their best.
  • One flower can be the focal point of an arrangement or table center-piece.
  • When planting select colours that you will want to pick for your house.
  • Pink flowered varieties such as Jerry Hoek or Delicious go well with mauve Asters and give a lift to a red arrangement.

Dahlias for show purposes must be arranged strictly according to the specification or schedule. This single bloom is mounted in an oasis block contained within a show vase. All other entrants will use the same type of vase.

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