Crocosmia Best Tips & Photos

Crocosmia Best Tips & Photos

Tip 1.
For a strong red Crocosmia the variety ‘Lucifer’ is as red as hell!

Tip 2.
The corms like lots of water but stop short of water logging the soil.

Tip 3.
Stems and sword shaped leaves will grow and stand upright but if they are in the shade they will lean towards the light.
Crocosmia Lucifer

Tip 4.
Get new plants by dividing the clumps of corms in Autumn.

Tip 5.
The strong red shows upwell against the green of the leaves and other green backgrounds in your garden.

Tip 6.
Other types of Crocosmia include Ember Glow, masoniorum and montbretia varieties or new hybrids

The book ‘Crocosmia and Chasmanthe (Royal Horticultural Society Plant Collector Guide)’ by Peter Goldblatt, John Manning and Gary Dunlop plus a range of Crocosmia products are available from Amazon.

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