Coming Late to Chrysanthemums

Gardening for over 50 years I have flirted with Chrysanthemums several times but never taken them seriously. Now I resolve to correct that by putting in the effort as I realise the significant rewards to be gained by a gardener who is maturing like good compost.

My change of opinion has come about due to a birthday present of Chrysanthemums cuttings that have excelled in both pots and greenhouse culture during 2017. We have enjoyed numerous bunches of flowers around the house for 4 or 5 months.

Reasons to Grow Chrysanthemums

  • There is a large range of types and sizes of Chrysanthemums from small ‘pot mums’ to large exhibition varieties. All have their own characteristics with which to experiment and you can specialise or grow a wide range.
  • I like strong coloured flowers and even the white Chrysanthemums can be very strong. Golds and reds are amongst my favourites but some types of flower look better in yellow or lilac.
  • Chrysanthemums in the house are seldom surpassed for vibrancy and longevity.
  • Spectacular blooms can be grown by careful husbandry worthy of exhibition and showing. The more effort you make the better the rewards. Despite this reasonable results are not hard to achieve if you are just a hobby grower.
  • Flowers are long lasting and can continue the display through until Christmas.
  • Propagated from cuttings or newly bought plants. I find seed a bit hard but may be I should persevere.
  • No flower responds better to good culture from the gardener than the Chrysanthemum. They are a rewarding plant to grow.
  • To sum up my reasons for converting to Chrysanthemum growing ‘Great cut flowers, good for garden, pot or greenhouse culture and great value’.

Quotes about Chrysanthemum

  • Justly claimed as ‘the Queen of Autumn flowers’.
  • Chrys means golden hence the flower was named Chrysanthemum by the botanist Carolus Linnaeus.
  • Popular in China and JapanĀ  where they feature in the “Festival of Happiness” and as symbols of power.

There is a wealth of information about Chrysanthemums on the internet, in books and from local societies but the best way to learn is to grow them for yourself. I will be getting stuck in with renewed vigour.

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