Combine Columbine and Honeysuckle

Combine Columbine and Honeysuckle


I like this combination of Aquilegia and Honeysuckle. The lobed leaves offset the spiky flowers.

The Aquilegia is flowering with light purple almost lilac, open blossoms with darker spurs surrounding bright yellow stamen.
The Honeysuckle is yet to get into flower but young buds are just forming at the end of the twisting stems.


  • Honeysuckles, part of the Lonicera family, have sweetly-scented, bell-shaped flowers that produce a sweet, edible nectar.
  • Breaking the Honeysuckle’s stem will release a powerful sweet odor.
  • The fruit on honeysuckle are red, blue or black berries containing several seed.
  • There are many Honeysuckle varieties to try but not all are prolific flowerers.


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Aquilegia pumilla Alba

One thought on “Combine Columbine and Honeysuckle

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and for the inspiration on the rose ropes.

    Fantastic photographs on your site. I’m particularly fond of aquilegia and honeysuckly myself. I see you’re in the north of England from the ‘about’ section so perhaps our garden climates are not too disimiler.

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