Colour from Plants not Flowers

Spring flower show 090

‘All that glistens is not gold’ and all the colour in plants does not come from the flowers.
Anthuriums have coloured spathes in various shades but are particularly strong with red colours.

Spring flower show 200

Begonias are generally grown for their brashly coloured summer flowers but the ‘Rex’ varieties have a great deal of leaf colour with interesting patterns, textures and shapes. There are lots of other plants to see with interesting leaves.

swincar 055

This Euphorbia is more generally known with the red bracts at Christmas sold under the name Poinsettia

Cornus Alba Siberica

Stems of shrubs and trees do not have to be green or dirty brown. The Cornus dogwood family have a range of winter colour.


Bromeliad have a variety of unusual colours on the inflorescence that spikes up from the leaves and curls around the true flower.

Plant and Colour Facts
The green in plants results from photosythesis and the resultant production of chlorophyll.
Other pigments in plants include caretenoids producing orange, betalains deep red and anthocyanins blue and some reds.
Over centuries plants (flowers, leaves and roots) have been used for the manufacture of dyes for clothing.
Pollen particularly from Lilies can cause stains on clothing and dandelion roots can blacken your hands.


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