Cheap Perennials

A well stocked garden is a treasure chest of potential new perennial plants. Divide clumps, take cuttings or collect seed and you can increase your bounty of hardy long lived plants to give away or replant.

Keep an eye out for new plants for your garden at reasonable prices as garden centers sell off old stock. I got 5 plants in 2 liter pots for a fiver at the weekend. It is a better form of recycling for me to renovate the plants for next year rather than see them composted.

Dianthus ‘Kahori’ is an evergreen perennial with an erect habit. Its narrow leaves are greyish-green. In summer it bears scented pink flowers with a later flush in August if deadheaded.

Plant in well-drained acid-free soil in full sun but it should tolerate shade. Improve soil with well-rotted manure or garden compost and apply a balanced fertiliser in spring.
Uses include banks and slopes, cottage gardens, patios, balconies, beds and borders. Fine as a small cut flower for flower arranging.

Rhodohypoxis ‘Twinkle Stars’ are clump forming herbaceous perennials. The roots are like small corms that send up lance-shaped leaf growth in May. The leaves are quite short and form a spikey matting until the thick and waxy flowers arrive and cover them. The flowers are white or various shades of pink, purple or bi-coloured on this plant tag.
Rhodohypoxis prefer frequent weak feeds to build up their rootstock. Keep reasonably dry in winter.

Lobelia fulgens ‘Queen Victoria’ the Red Water Lobelia or as the simple label says Bog Garden Plant. I have killed many of these sumptious red leaved plants in the past but was keen for another attempt.

Phlox from a mix of unnamed varieties it will go in my extended Alpine garden. A height and spread of 4 inches means I can always find a spot for these floriferous plants.

Lastly a lableless Lewisia will also go in my Alpine garden with lots of sharp sand for good drainage. I surround the base of most alpine plants with rock chips to prevent rot. Lewisias prefer sites with abundant spring moisture followed by a dry, cool summer.

Buy hardy perennials not annuals or soft plants. Some plants can be split to create more plants.


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