Best Cut-Flower Roses

This selection of top ten Roses to grow as cut flowers has been chosen for their scent and the length of the vase life. If Roses are picked as the buds are breaking they will last at least a week and if they are picked fully open it will be several days.

Red Roses

‘L D Braithwaite’ is a vivid magenta with a cup shaped flower and many petals. The plant is vigourous and only needs alight prune in Autumn and again in spring.
‘Isabella’ is so intense a red colour with velvety texture that it can look black in some light. The flowers do not like rain.
‘Big Purple’ has long stems with very few thorns. A Hybrid Tea rose that needs hard pruning in winter

Orange & Golden Roses

‘Golden Celebration’ is a very popular rose with rich yellow flowers & strong scent.
‘Just Joey’ is an unusual amber colour starting Orange as a bud and opening to Deep Gold. Good as a floating flower or cut short in clusters.
‘Eveleyn ‘ is a Peachy Rose with many petals like the old fashioned varieties. One of the strongest scents.

Pink Roses

‘Princes Alexandra’ a top rose for cutting with pointed buds opening slowly to display a magenta frilled rosette.
‘Louise Odier’ is an old French rose with many pink flower heads. Mixes well with other roses.
‘Redoute’ is also a pink French rose that flowers a bit earlier than many varieties.
‘Gertrude Jekyll’ with flat pink rosettes with a good life span and great scent.

This is just my top 10 – If you know better let us know.

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