Beginners Seed Tips

Easy Annuals ‘Fairy Mixed‘    by Thompson Morgan

Beginners and novices can grow some colourful annuals quickly and cheaply. If the packet instructions says ‘can be sown direct outdoors then do so when the soil warms up.  If you want to get a quick start use a tray on a warm window ledge.

Starting  with Seeds

  • Always read the instructions on the packet of seeds.
  • Use a good quality seed or potting compost with a level surface.
  • Water with a fine spray and leave to drain.
  • Scatter seed evenly or place individual seeds in each cell and use a clear lid to maintain humidity.
  • Maintain an even temperature, generally 20º C will suit most seeds but again read the instructions.
  • Allow air to circulate once leaves start to appear.

Fairy Mix is just one mixed packet that contains  ‘Subject to availability, packet contains mix of the following: Agrostis nebulosa, Anagalis monellii ssp. linifolia Gentian Blue, Camissonia cheiranthifolia Silver and Gold, Clarkia concinna Pink Ribbons,Clarkia bottae Lilac Pixie, Cuphea miniata Firefly, Linanthus androsacus French Hybrids, Linaria aeruginea Grenada Sol, Linaria maroccana confetti Lobularia maritima Red, Ursinia anethoides, Viola x wiiliamsiana Little Rascals and Viola x williamsiana Black.’  Quite a selection although you may not get all to flower for you from one packet.
Sowing Instructions on the Packet

Sow March to June outdoors where they are to flower once the soil has warmed. Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine tilth before sowing. Sprinkle the seed thinly over the surface, then rake lightly to ensure seed is just covered. Alternatively, sow 1.5mm (1/16in) deep in drills, 30cm (12in) apart. Germination usually takes 14-21 days.

Read more about seeds on Gardeners tips.


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