Astilibe Perennials for a Shady Border

Astilibe Perennials for a Shady Border

Astilibes chinensis

Astilibes aka False Goats Beard

This summer flowering perennial has good disease and pest resistance. The plumes of flowers stand above fine foliage

Dependant on variety it grows from 12 inches to 4 foot tall with up to a 2 foot spread. The flowers vary from raspberry red (above A. pulmila ) and pinks A. Bressingham Beauty to cream and some clear whites with dark leaves like A. Deutchland.

Compact varieties like Perko, Inshriach Pink, William Buchanan and Sprite will grow less than a foot and are suitable for rockeries.

Tips on Growing Good Astilibes

  • Plant in partial shade and mulch the plants as they need copious amounts of water.
  • Keep out of drying winds so the leaves don’t wither
  • When buying look for good luxuriant foliage and avoid transplanting when in bloom
  • Trim off stalks when flowers fade or cut for dried flower arrangements
  • Do not plant too deeply
  • Smaller plants tolerate drier conditions but as above they prefer moist soil
  • Cut back to ground level in Autumn and feed in spring
  • The leaves are deeply cut and complement oval or pinnate leaves
  • Red flowered varieties tend to have bronze foliage
  • Divide when clumps become too large every 4-5 years. Grow several plants together to get a floating effect from the plumes.

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