St Valentine’s Flowers but Aubretia?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so keep an eye open for unusual sights on the 14th February. Rather than Roses or posies this Aubretia plant has decided to grow a heart shape all of its own.

Aubretia is a compact low growing plant that flourishes on walls and rockeries in full sun. Aubretia is easy to grow at the front of the border on any reasonably drained fertile soil and will spread naturally by seed.

Aubretia deltoides or rock cress is good for ground cover and is available in shades of blue and purple.

Grow from seed by sowing from late winter to early summer in a good free draining seed compost just covering the seed. Make sure the compost is moist and not wet and seal in a polythene bag until after germination which usually takes 14-21 days at 18C (65F).

Aubretia is an evergreen perennial plant that is attractive to butterflies.

Plants by Thompson Morgan

Seeds by Thompson Morgan

Aubretia Species

Aubrieta alba
Aubrieta canescens
Aubrieta columnae
Aubrieta x cultorum – Large-flowered Aubrieta
Aubrieta deltoidea – Common Aubrieta, Wallcress (N.Am.)
Aubrieta erubescens
Aubrieta glabrescens
Aubrieta gracilis
Aubrieta libanotica
Aubrieta olympica
Aubrieta parviflora
Aubrieta pinardii
Aubretia thessala
Aubrieta variegata

Returning to the Valentines Day theme and trying to avoid a massacre on that day I offer another alternative to red roses.


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  1. Cool Garden Things February 8, 2010 at 16.03 #

    Wow…how do people come up with this stuff? So creative…wow.

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