Saxifraga Fortunei Cherry Pie

Saxifraga Fortunei Cherry Pie

Saxifrage Fortunei Cherry Pie

Saxifraga Fortunei ‘Cherry Pie’ looks good from late August through Autumn with these cherry coloured flowers. It is recommended as a good plant for moist woodland as it is happy with partial shade. Grows 8-10″ tall with flowering spikes above bright palmate, green leaves.

The Saxifrage society modestly claims to be ‘the only international organization dedicated to the best plants in the world; the genus Saxifraga or Rockfoils and its relatives.’ They have 480 species to go at in three groups or sections the “mossies” (Saxifraga), the “silvers” ( Ligulatae) and the Kabschia and Engleria subsections ( Porphyrion).

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I am just getting interested in growing some of these plants and I will see how I get on. The Saxifrage Society is to be represented with a display stand at the RHS Harlow Carr Alpine weekend 15-17 April 2016.

For some it becomes a consuming passion or so I am told. Many saxifrages come from mountain habitats that make them well-suited to rock gardens, troughs, and containers.

The increasing interest in Alpines and rock-gardening has resulted in the introduction of countless new varieties

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