Rock Gardens in Miniature

Rock Gardens in Miniature

Kew 330

Your own rock garden does not have to be as large as that at Kew. You do not need to demonstrate every regional zone on the planet. Nor do you need specimen plants that grow in all the range of soil conditions and climates.
Better to concentrate on doing one or two things well.

Alpine house

On the same theme growing small plants can be an absorbing hobby. As with Kew gardens you will be very fortunate if you can replicate the alpine house at Harlow Carr shown above. However these two national gardens can give you inspiration for your own feature Rock Garden.

As it says in ‘The Rock Garden Plant Primer: Easy, Small Plants for Containers, Patios, and the Open Garden’ by C Grey-Wilson

‘It’s not necessary to have a traditional rock garden to enjoy rock garden plants. In fact, these colorful, small plants are perfect for the pots, containers, window boxes, and raised beds that are the mainstays of modern gardens.’ he ‘recommends easy-to-grow plants for a variety of garden situations including shade, mixed borders, and patios.’

Book Cover

Ideas for a Miniature Rock Garden.

  • Start with one eye catching rock, give it space and pride of place.
  • On its own it can be a Zen rock in a sea of gravel.
  • One rock can be surrounded by plants on  all 4 corners, using shelter, shade and rain shadows. (How can a globe  have 4 corners?)
  • Tufa or soft rock can be used as the planting medium with several miniature plants rooting into hollows in the rock.
  • Grow your Rock garden in a Rock Box
  • Select an appropriate container e.g. half barrel and focus your creative energy on plants and rocks in this space. You can at least get drainage and soil conditions right for your miniature plants.

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