Growing Corydalis for Colour and Fine Foliage

Cordialis popovii

Corydalis popovii
is a small bulbous plant flowering up to 6 inches in height. In spring it assumes a white colouring after the purple flowers. This plant comes from Central Asia and is easy to grow and long-lived in a well-drained compost in a pot.
They can be grown in the open garden in full sun and freely drained soil.
Fertilize with a specific fertilizer for bulbous plants, every 2-3 weeks, from when the first flowers start withering.
Corydalis plants don’t like cold temperatures or wet conditions and need a rest period before being brought back into growth.

Corydalis wilsonii

Corydalis wilsonii arrived from it’s native china comparatively recently.
It is a compact herbaceous plant with light green leaves.
It flowers on errect spikes, 1″ long, in a deep yellow during late spring.
This variety is suitable for growing in pots.

I have just bought a Corydalis Kingfisher from the local AGS meeting. Kingfisher has blue flowers with a hint of green from March to Aug and is only without flowers when dormant during winter.

Alpine Species

  • Corydalis cashmeriana hardy with blue green foliage and flowers.
  • Corydalis cava, a woodlander not an alcoholic drink.
  • Corydalis cheilanthifolia 8″ tall with yellow sun loving flowers.
  • Corydalis glauca has fragile foliage and pink or yellow flowers.
  • Corydalis rutifolia pink to rose coloured flowers.

There is more information on  some of the 450 species Corydalis including  silver specter and others on Paghat web site

Different Corydalis are available from Cotswold Garden Flowers and Christie’s Alpine plants.

Book Cover

Or read more in ‘Bleeding Hearts, Corydalis, and Their Relatives’ “>by Mark C. Tebbitt, Magnus Liden & Henrik Zetterlund



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