Featuring Patio Peonies

Traditional peonies are not really suitable for growing in pots and containers.

However recently developed ‘Patio peonies’ are designed to be  suitable for the pot. They have a compact growth habit and are quite easy to flower in pot or the smaller garden!

Features of Patio Peonies

  • New patio varieties are compact and do not need staking.
  • They have upright stems capable of supporting the flowers.
  • Use for patio display or grow as cut flowers
  • Most varieties have a good strong scent to enliven your patio in early summer.
  • Flowering in various pastel shades and more traditional reds, patio peonies have the traditional papery thin, double petals.
  • Current varieties are generally named after cities like London, Moscow (red as you would expect), Rome, Athens and Madrid.
  • Plant your new Peony in a sunny location but as with other peonies not too deep.
  • Peonies don’t like to sit in water.

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