Grow Heathers – Ericas, Callunas and Daboecia

Grow Heathers – Ericas, Callunas and Daboecia

Will you go lassie go?
Heather on the Dales way or Le Tour d’Tykeland
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If you grow heathers you will know why we do and these recommendations come from other Heather growers.

Reasons for Growing Heather

  1. Heathers can provide a rich and changing variety of colour from both foliage and flowers all year round.
  2. Many of the easiest heathers are at their best in the drabbest months.
  3. Heather april

  4. Heathers are versatile, evergreen, inexpensive, long lasting and easy to grow.
  5. They can provide a weed free garden which needs little or no maintenance and provides great ground cover even on a sloping bank.
  6. Heathers are carefree and thrive on poor soil, in windy places and even near the sea.
  7. There are 100’s of varieties in many colours shapes and sizes and they are very hardy.
  8. Heathers are easy to propagate to increase your stock for free.
  9. Many varieties make good cut flowers and dry well for indoors.
  10. Attractive forms can be found in the wild or beg some cuttings from friends and relatives.
  11. Heathers and their cousins Heaths soon capture the imagination and hold you fascination.

So I hope you can see Heather is not just for the wild moors and the singing of folk songs but for serious gardeners.

various 020“Erica silberschmelze”

White heather flowering in March  with a light green leaf.

White heather flowering in march with a good mulch of pine bark chippings to help the soil acidity.

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