Acer platanoides Drummondii and Greenery

Acer platanoides Drummondii and Greenery


Green and white are very accommodating colours in the garden as they are both clean and fresh. This combination caught my eye  with the Climbing Hydrangea petiolaris just flowing over the top of a wall in which was growing Valerian alba.  Against the wall was an Acer platanoides Drummondii and all the colours seemed to blend so well.

Hydrangea petiolaris or the Climbing Hydrangea has masses of creamy-white, lacecap flowers from May to July and dark green leaves, turning butter-yellow in autumn. This woody-stemmed, climbing hydrangea flourishes in the moist, shady conditions under the wall where few ornamental climbers thrive.

Acer platanoides Drummondii was given to me for Fathers day 15 years ago and it is now a splendid tree 30-40 feet high. The leaves are thin and attractive from spring through till late September. This Acer does suffer from some reversion as the white edging of the leaf is lost to pinkish green leaves on some branches.  I try to prune them out (you can see one on the photograph that I have missed).

Valerian is almost a weed when it takes hold. I tolerate this white form but the insipid pink needs rousting out before it sets seed. Perhaps I do them a disservice as Valerian is at home by the seaside and is quite innocuous most of the year.

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