Pittosporum for Leaves & Flowers

Pittosporum for Leaves & Flowers

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Pittosporum is a large genus of evergreen shrubs or small trees. The foliage is in demand for floristry and the shrubs make an excellent evergreen plant if the conditions are mild.
Most varieties have small scented white flowers and produce better flowers in warm conditions.

Pittosporum are also called Japenese Cheesewood

Cultivation of Pittosporum

  • Pittosporum Dallii and Pittosporum patula and Pittosporum tenufolium are more hardy species in the UK.
  • Pittosporum will grow well in seaside locations if the climate is mild.
  • Most plants originate from Australasia and like hot dry conditions.
  • Some varieties of Pittosporum produce small red berries.
  • Pittosporums can also be grown indoors as bonsai.
  • Larger plants can be used as a climbing-frame for lightweight late-flowering clematis.
  • Pittosporum tenufolium can have leaves with wavy margins and most have interesting colour, from bronzed plum to the bright butter-yellow of `Golden King’.
  • Tenuifolium ‘Purpureum’, has purple-bronze foliage and rapidly makes a decent-sized small tree

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Selected Varieties

  • Pittosporum eugenioides Tarata, “lemonwood” flowers pale yellow. Variegated variety worth looking for
  • Pittosporum patulum slender sparsely branched tree with crimson flowers
  • Pittosporum phillyraeoides Weeping Pittosporum, Willow Pittosporum, Butterbush, Native Apricot
  • Pittosporum tenuifolium a good hedging plant in mild areas.
  • Pittosporum tobira aka Japanese Cheesewood or Japanese Mock Orange, slow growing excellent for against a wall
  • Pittosporum turneri flowers pink in May/June
  • Pittosporum undulatum aka Sweet Pittosporum, Australian Cheesewood, Native Daphne, “Mock Orange” a shiny green leaved tender shrub.

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