Leycesteria Formosa Shrubs

Leycesteria Formosa Shrubs


Leycesteria Formosa

Green winter stems on this attractive fast-growing shrub is described as ‘cut-and-come-again’ as it can be reduced to ground level in early spring to encourage rejuvenation. Although this plant has only been lightly pruned, it is a bit thick and congested now so I will cut it back after flowering and right back in spring.

Leycesteria has long, hanging, purple-red bracts in summer surmounting racemes of white flowers followed by purple fruits in late autumn. It has a light fragrance from the white flowers. Its foliage can be quite dense and its hollow, bright green stems, not dissimilar to those of bamboo, give a good winter display. It grows to 8 foot plus and flowers at the end of this years stems

Propagate and Cultivate

By cuttings of half-ripe wood, 3-4 inches with a heel in July/August or from larger cuttings of mature wood, 8-10’’ with a heel, planted in open ground in October/November. Or by seed and the birds may help with that job. When established it is quite robust

I have seen Leycesteria also named Flowering Nutmeg and Himalayan Honeysuckle from which family it belongs. The green leaved variety is most common but you may find a yellow leaved form.

4 thoughts on “Leycesteria Formosa Shrubs

  1. A lovely shrub which I wish I had room to grow! I like its companions, brings out the colours. Is this your own garden?

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  2. I love that you have a picture of a full grown leycestaria. I have to admit that they were not my favorite plants because of their size. They were always falling down when they were in pots at the garden centre. But seeing it growing in the ground, you have changed my mind.

    Lovely site, Great content.


  3. Well I have to thank you. You have now identified a cutting I was given a couple of years ago that is absolutely beautiful and in my front garden. Thank you for your pics I
    Love mine and can provide pics too

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