Growing Cotoneaster as Small Trees

We are familiar with Cotoneaster horizontalis in urban gardens producing masses of berries to feed the birds in late winter.
The larger shrubs and trees also provide a similar avian food supply and look very good in a larger garden.


Cotoneaster species number over 250 and the section devoted to larger trees and shrubs is called Chaenopetalum.
The flowers are produced in corymbs (flower clusters whose lower stalks are proportionally longer so that the flowers form a flat or slightly convex head.) The blossom has more than 20 floweras together. The creamy white petals open flat.
Many species are evergreen and generally larger shrubs but Cotoneaster frigidus are small trees up to 50 ft tall.

Small Tree Species
Cotoneaster Cornubia watereri group has red fruit that can weigh down the branches
Cotoneaster hybridius pendulus with glossy leaves
Cotoneaster watereri are a group of strong growing plants with orange – red berries loved by birds.
Cotoneaster ‘Exburiensis’ like many other species have leaves that turn red in winter.

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