Golden & Yellow Conifers for Your Garden

Golden & Yellow Conifers for Your Garden

Gold and Yellow comes in various forms in plant names. Lutea is latin for yellow bodied, Aurea means `Golden` as would Aurel, Aurele, Aurelia and other derivatives. Obviously Gold or Argentea and other colours in the name will also tip you off.

Dwarf Yellow & Golden Conifers

Abies nordmanniana – Golden Spreader. A flat topped Caucasian fir with yellow leaves on top and white-yellow undersides. 8 high 48 inches spread.
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Aurea Densa’ (AGM) One of the best yellow conifers forming a compact conical bush, with closely packed foliage. 12 inches high in 10 years. Good for rock gardens.
Chamaecyparis obtusa Nana Aurea a slow growing conical form of the cypress with fan shaped sprays of foliage.
Chamaecyparis pisifers ‘Sungold’
Juniperus conferta ‘All Gold’ shown below is bright yellow, developing slight bronze overtones in winter.
Juniperus conferta 'All Gold' 101010-0384

Low Growing Golden Conifers Under Six Feet

Taxus baccata ‘Standishii’ Yew will stand pruning and shaping to height.
Thuja plicata Stoneham Gold a dwarf, conical red cedar with leaves that darken with age. Grows up to 5 feet over 10 years.
Chamaecyparis lawsonii ‘Ellwoods Golden Pillar’ (AGM) Golden foliage compact, neat rounded pillar 2ft. high in 10 years

Larger Growing Golden & Yellow Conifers 30′ +

Cupressus macrocarpa Goldcrest or the Monberay Cypress is vigorous, colourful, columnar tree with dense foliage that dislikes pruning.
Golden Scots Pine Pinus syvestris Aurea turns golden in cold weather from winter through spring.
Thuja plicata Irish Gold or Aurea varieties
Cedrus deodara
Chamaecyparis Lutea

HL12383 Cupressocyparis X Leylandii Gold Rider or Leyland Cypress Conifer
Cupressocyparis X Leylandii Gold Rider

What Causes Golden & Yellow in Conifers

  • Mutations have often caused the colour to appear gold or yellow. Such trees were then propagated by cuttings.
  • Yellow and gold colouring often intensifies in cold and winter weather.
  • New growth often looks lighter and yellow with darker leaves nearer the trunk.
  • Plants are now bred and selected for the appealing gold and yellow colour.
  • Credits
    Golden Falsecypress by Mr.Mac2009 CC BY-NC 2.0
    Juniperus conferta ‘All Gold’ 101010-0384 by Tony Rodd CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
    HL12383 Cupressocyparis X Leylandii Gold Rider or Leyland Cypress Conifer by Mike_Freck CC BY-NC 2.0


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