Fascinating Facts about Sycamore

Fascinating Facts about Sycamore

Interesting Facts

  • Rippled patterned wood occasionally arises when the grain runs at right angles. This pale pattern is popular for veneer and musical instruments.
  • Sycamore wood is good for kitchen joinery. It is easy to work, doesn’t stain easily or have any odour that can affect food.
  • Wood is often carved as ‘love spoons’ appropriate for today Feb 14. They attract symbols that convey different messages.
  • Trees are wind proof and are used in farms to protect cattle by providing shelter.
  • The seeds are called helicopter wings as a result of there shape and the spinning effect as they fall to the ground.

Botanic Facts

  • Acer pseudoplatanus or Sycamore is not a native tree but was introduced several hundred years ago and now naturalised.
  • Mature trees can grow to 120 feet tall and 75 feet wide.
  • Growth is rapid and is unsuitable for hedging pollarding or pruning.
  • Sycamore and leaves in particular are susceptible to fungal diseases. Giant leaf spot disease is caused by Ophiognomonia pseudop and mildews are common.
  • Lace bugs feed on the undersides of the sycamore‚Äôs leaves.

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