Bird Cherry – Prunus Padus

Bird Cherry – Prunus Padus

Prunus padus blossom

Not the the traditonal blousy Japanese cherry but the purple-leaved bird cherry is a more unusual choice for the large garden.

Bird Cherry Description

  • Smaller than the wild cherry it will still grow to circa 20-30 feet with a similar spread.
  • Dark purple shoots appear in spring followed by coppery-purple foliage that gradually fades to green.
  • The dark foliage is the perfect foil for the delicate pale-pink flowers, which are held on elongated clusters.
  • The flowers have a delicate almond scent
  • These are followed later in the year by astringent black fruits which birds adore.
  • The bird cherry will grow on most neutral to alkaline soils and is particularly good for chalky soils.
  • Often seen in mixed hedges that support wild life.

Bird Cherry Varieties

  • Albertii is a vigorous free growing fome of Prunus Padus
  • Clorata has an AGM for young coppery leaves and pale pink flowers.
  • Waterii grandiflora long racemes of flowers and also has an AGM
  • Prunus padus commutata The Mayday Tree is of medium height (30′), low-branched and has a compact, rounded canopy that may reach 20′

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