Gardening Robots

Gardening Robots

Where would we be if there weren’t already numerous robots used in the gardening industry. Do you imagine there are thousands of Dutch gardeners pricking out the seedlings of the soon to be gaudy annuals on supermarket displays or thousands of Chinese coolies picking individual seeds for our packeted seed industry (well may be in this case).

Glasshouses have many automated facilities from sowing, watering and potting and these are becoming economic for some gardeners. Soon we will be able to do all our gardening from this position.

What of other robots to help individual gardeners in their own gardens perhaps for weeding? Early gardeners would be fascinated with the electronic tools now available not least the automatic programmed lawn mowers.

Robot Gardeners Questions

  • I wonder how robots will be propagated
  • What task would your first robot be programmed to do?
  • Farmers are gaining a new range of precision implements for spraying and crop management. Will the cost saving be passed on to consumers.
  • Will garden centers become full of robots instead of gifts and bric-a-brac

Fruit picked by human robot!

I will not be allowing robots to take on my favorite task of drinking a gin and tonic at he end of a session in the garden.

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