Virtual Madeira Garden Trip

Virtual Madeira Garden Trip

I wanted something to look forward too and another trip to Madeira seemed appropriate. For the time being a virtual trip to this garden paradise of an island must suffice.

In a hurry no time to eat unzip a banana

Orchid House Quinta Boa Vista

Snap – Snap

Don’t you hate it when you forget the name of a plant


Reprise of some Protea plants from an earlier visit and post.

Madeira is one part of the planet with a Mediterranean plus style climate and it rightly enjoys a reputation of being a species-rich biodiverse hotspot. Little wonder then that these Protea grow successfully on the island.


Madeira is famed for it’s horticultural gardens and is a grand place for gardeners to visit to see the exotic species in the well maintained professional gardens. These pictures were taken at Blandys owned Gardens of Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro. It would also be a shame to miss out on a visit to the islands botanic gardens, Quinta das Cruzes, Quinta Palmeira and Monte’s Municipal Garden.

Madeira protea
The Protea is recognised as the national symbol flower of South Africa often featuring on stamps. However there is a whole family of the genus grown in Australasia. The Protea was named after Proteus who took on many forms as a greek god.
Madiera Protea

Proteas are available to buy from Trevana Cross nursery in Cornwall

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