Garden Insurance and Insuring Against Loss

Should you worry about theft and vandalism in your garden?
With the time and investment many people have made it pays to consider insurance cover.

What are Insurable Risks

  • Most commonly stolen items include lawnmowers, ornamental gnomes, tools, furniture, pond equipment, hanging baskets, containers, crops and even specimen plants.
  • Sculptures, York Stone, Slates and other desirables need to be insured.
  • There is also the danger of mindless vandalism, as well as destruction by extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms and gales, or unseen events like falling trees.
  • Outbuildings, garden sheds, summerhouses, barbecues and greenhouses can also suffer damage by fire or sundry hazards.

How Can You Get Cover

  • Regular household buildings and contents insurance usually covers damage to sheds and other outbuildings, as well as neighbours’ property, and third party visitors.
  • Check what cover you currently have as there will be limits and excesses. Unfortunately buildings insurance or contents insurance, for  outdoor possessions is often restricted to a token £500.
  • A specific garden policy will offer cover up to around £1,000 for a small monthly premium.
  • If you have more expensive equipment, ride on mowers for example they need to be specified in the policy or covered separately.
  • Should you be the proud owner of a specialist collection of prize winning plants or antique garden sculptures again it is worth talking to a broker about individual cover.

Tips to Avoid Losses

  • Lock all tools and valuables away at night and do not leave them unattended or in obvious view. Sneak thieves and opportunists are the bain of insurance claims.
  • If you have valuable property like old sculptures or urns take security precautions. Chain or anchor them down down.
  • Consider an alarm on your valuable possessions or summerhouse.
  • If you have expensive motorised equipment it may be worth looking into satellite tracking security.

Unfortunately I do not know of any insurance that will cover the loss of a plant caused by neglect or bad husbandry but let me know if you find to the contrary.

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