Bamboo Uses and the Environment

Bamboo Uses and the Environment

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There are over 1400 different species of bamboo in the world, 900 tropical and 500 temperate.  Bamboo is a useful component of landscape design, providing shade, wind breaks, acoustical barriers and aesthetic beauty. Bamboo beer, bamboo shoots as a vegetable and small implements are products from the bamboo.

Environment Considerations

In its natural habitat bamboo is very environmentally friendly
Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, with some species growing over 4ft in just 24hours!
Bamboo can be continuously harvested which is beneficial to the health of the plant.
Bamboos anti-erosion properties are key to it’s reputation as a soil conservation tool. Its roots bind the soil and the stems reduce rain run-off.
It is widely believed that if bamboo were better farmed it would be a renewable source of food, building materials and erosion prevention as well as keeping gardeners supplied.

In Happy Mount Park Morecambe this clump of bamboo is used in a children’s adventure play area to add one more use to the growing list of uses.

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  1. I bought a set of bamboo sheets just before Christmas from a recently opened shop in a nearby town. I’m buying a second set for our bed, then one for the spare bedroom, because they are the most gorgeous sheets I’ve ever slept on. Plus the clothing is amazing. I’m a bamboo convert for life!

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