Public Green Spaces in Britain’s Floral Resort

Public Green Spaces in Britain’s Floral Resort

As befits a town with the sobriquet ‘Britain’s Floral Resort’ Harrogate is again a picture of vibrant colour in most of its green public spaces. Despite the crown (hotel and garden bed above ) it can not be called Royal Harrogate nor can it usurp Britain’s Floral Resort for it’s exclusive use.

Blood red features strongly at the beginning of August in the Brexit era of 2019. Back in the day 2003/4 Harrogate won a gold medal in the Flowery Alliance of Europe horticultural competition  for excellence in horticultural display. I wonder if that was a bloodless coup?

I was not tempted to park my bicycle halfway up this lampost but admired the panniers or basket of flowers.
Yellow is my colour of the year so I was happy to spot these perpetual flowering begonias. As a side thought I wonder what happens to the corms when they finish flowering. Do councils save them for next year or are they compost bound?  How green is your council? The budget for the parks department must be significant but when you are good at something it is worth sticking too it.

With Valley Gardens, Spring and Autumn flower shows and the nearby RHS Harlow Carr amongst other attractions there is a significant economic benefit from being called a Floral Resort.

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