Looking for the Unusual

Looking for the Unusual

Visual nature can be found all around in your garden, local park or field. Keep a look out for interesting or unusual shapes, patterns and textures and take a camera around with you. I like the contorted Hazel branches that weave their own pattern.

This log in parkland had an amazing pattern created by the symmetry of the old bark. The teeth shapes remind me of cogs on a rustic wheel.

It is hard to believe that wasps had colonised my bird box and wrapped it in the chewed up remains of their many dinners. There were still wasps in the box when I decanted it into a compost sack for removal.

On holidays I am often taken by the shape and pattern of tree roots and this was no exception. Somehow I missed the scale of this impressive growth so you will need to take it’s size on trust.

The Greenman sculpture was one of several at Hyde HallĀ  RHS gardens

A none growing crop of plastic protectors near the Thames barrier. Each plastic tube needed its own stake for support. It is now 3 years ago and I wonder how the encased trees have developed.

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