Garden Ornaments, Outdoor Art and Statues

You can trim your hedges and shrubs and / or trim up your garden with ornaments. No two gardens will ever be the same and your ‘trimming’ will help create your own unique style. I for one want more humour including Sherlock Gnomes and fertilising leaks and peas among my cabbages.

But remember loam wasn’t built in a day

Commonsense Garden Decoration

  • Keep objects in proportion to the areas where they are on show – too small and you can’t see them properly – too large and they dominate
  • Chose a style and stick too it – contemporary, classical, cottage, trad or what ever, a mix of styles is hard to pull off decoratively. Give an eleborate object a plain backdrop so it stands out.
  • In a busy border opt for simple shapes to contrast with densely packed vegetation.
  • Spheres, spirals, chimney pots, classic statues, tall oblique poles can all help create a focal point or focus of interest

Lighting and Illumination

  • Spot lights can be softer than floodlighting
  • Floodlights show off good decorative features but think about how shadows will fall
  • Down-lighters can show a path
  • Up-lighters on structures like pergolas can be effective.
  • solar lights are improving but need charging in low light conditions
  • Enjoy and use your creative instincts

Gnomeo Book and Gardening Club

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